Skirt for Whisky 16

Need info on skirt manufacturers that produce skirts for the Point65 North Whisky 16 that don’t leak at the coaming. The boat is my favorite surfing boat, but the skirts I’ve used so far leak a lot, due in part to a turned down lip on the coaming that seems to prevent a good seal. I am willing to pay for custom skirts, if there are companies out there that will do it. Cheers--------------

Seals and Snapdragon
Seals and Snapdragon both will make custom sized skirts. I used my Seals Shocker 1.4 when I paddled a Whiskey 16 a couple of summers ago. I side sculled and rolled the boat without notable leakage into the cockpit.

BTW, I found the Whiskey 16 to be a very fun boat.