Skirt on top of hydroskin

I got a new hydroskin vest and about the same time got a new skirt for my boat. Today, while rolling a few times, I discovered that the improved water-tightness of my new skirt tunnel causes water to sit in the hydroskin vest. I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on dealing with this such as:

  • Wear the skirt under the hydroskin vest.

  • Get a tighter fitting hydroskin vest. I thought the L was way tight int he store and got the XL. When it’s wet, it might be too big.

  • Deal with it. It’s all just water anyhow. Of course, if I move around just right, the water gets into the boat under the vest.

    I like the hydroskin. It keeps the PDF from rubbing the wrong way and takes the edge off of the 60f water.

    Thanks for any ideas or comments about similar experiences.


too loose
I’m assuming you must be rolling and the water is coming in around the neck? I wear all of my tops over the skirt so the water stays out of the boat.

Hydroskins should be tight, not uncomfortably so.