Since I am getting a little long in the tooth, I find that I am having trouble putting on my skirt (Kayak that is). I have a slight case of arthritis in my shoulders and find it very difficult to reach behind me when securing the skirt. I have a nylon skirt that I figured would be cooler here in Texas but I am willing to switch if there is a better alternative.

Thanks in advance for your advice. Jim

What is your present skirt?
Is it that your present skirt is something with a really tight rand, or a thick bungie that resists going under your coaming? Or just the fact of reaching around to the rear?

How Are You Putting It On?
I started out with a vinyl skirt thinking the same as you, that it might be cooler than neo. I have since upgraded to neo as they are more waterproof, (around the cockpit and around your middle). I have not been able to tell that the neo is hotter or not, they are both hot in the summer.

I sit in my boat with the skirt on me. I attach the rear first then pull the front over the cockpit and then last pull the sides over the edges. My neo skirt has a nice wide loop to pull with and is actually a bit easier to put on the cockpit than the vinyl one.

It is hard getting old, I just try and ignor it as much as possible.

Happy Paddling,


If it’s very tight, try leaning back when you put it on the rear of the coaming. My new skirt fits much tighter than the old one and this makes it much easier. Sometimes the simplest approach works best!

It sounds dumb and I never tried it, but
I think it’s doable; maybe putting the skirt around the coaming first and then sliding into its tunnel is the way to go. Just an idea…

As to being hot, try dipping your forearms in water for a minute or so. Blood vessels located in that part of your anatomy are very close to the skin and can quickly transfer heat to the surrounding cooler water.

Skirt on boat first
then zip it up (there are neoprene skirts with waterproof zippers; $$$ though).

or go with a neo deck and a fat nylon tube (snapdragon and others make them). If you are not rolling a lot or in very “interesting” places they work fine.

Simiar Problem!
Getting older and some cervical back issues. I use a nylon and neo skirt. I find the neo a little easier to put on.

I was able to adjust the cord on the Seals nylon skirt to make it easier to put on.

Boat worn skirt
Could always try a Wildwasser Pocket System Convertible or a Wildwasser Eco-Zip sprayskirt. Both of these have a long waterproof zipper that runs from the front of the coaming up to the center of the tunnel allowing the wearer to have it unzipped to facilitate getting in but still make a dry seal for paddling and emergency removal when needed for a wet exit. Have a couple of students that do this and just leave it on the kayak putting a cockpit cover right over the zippered sprayskirt so the boat always wears the skirt. Also a nice option in the warmer weather to stay cool.

See you on the water,


Prijon Skirts
As someone stated before, Wildwasser / Prijon has made a skirt with a zipper. My firends who use them like them a great deal. They just unzip the skirt to get out or into the boat. The neoprene skirt is durable and dry.


Thanks for all the advice. My skirt is a “Brooks” skirt made for my coho. I like the idea of the skirt with the zipper and I might look into it.

Thanks again,