skirt recommendation

I need an all neoprene skirt for my Nordkapp LV. I’m getting mixed info for Snapdragon, both medium and large for the deck have been recommended. Any other brands for the best boat fit? -Thanks

Snapdragon skirts
Is the mixed info regarding the fit, or the quality and durability?

I have several Snapdragon skirts, as well as skirts from Seals, Harmony and Immersion Research, and overall I would rate the quality of the Snapdragon skirts the highest.

Nordkapp skirts
I just went through the same thing with my Nordkapp RM. Mine isn’t the LV version, so I’m not sure if the cockpit sizes are similar? I was also looking for all neoprene white water skirts and not nylon. I’ve never seen a nylon skirt work well at repeling anything.

I found that none of the NRS all neoprene skirts fit my valley boat. I’d measure, check their site, measure again, order and never could get it to fit correctly.

I ended up getting a good fit with an Imersion Research Shockwave skirt. I believe the size is the medium or 1.2/1.4 size. I also found a Harmony Langer Neo Gripp basic all neoprene skirt in medium that fits pretty tight.

My original posting on basically the same issue may be in the archives? There were some suggestions on that message string pointin to IR skirts.

On mine
I’m using a Seals Pro Shocker 1.4. Hardly any leakage while rolling, surfing, etc. I’m quite happy with it. I’ve also used Snapdragon for years, so I don’t think you’d go wrong there either.

Medium is the deal…
…myself and a paddling partner have been through this loop…large is too big. Alder Creek should have one in stock.

Am using Snapdragon for
white water boats and Valley Aquanaut and no complaints from me.

medium Snapdragon…
…it is. Thanks for the responses. Their website say’s it’s a large, but their online support suggests a medium+, whatever that is.