Skirt suggestions - WS Sparrow Hawk

Kim’s like new used WS Sparrow Hawk has that unusual sizes cockpit - shorter than keyhole - longer than ocean (bigger than it needs to be). Skirt we got with it is nice - but cinched up to fit and leaks like a sieve when rolling. Need something better.

Size is 16" x 24". Similar to Betsie Bay size - just slightly bigger.

Looking suggestions, preferably from people with this or similar cockpit boat who roll regularly. I don’t need general suggestions for other boats, and no nylon deck suggestions please (breathable tunnels may be OK - but I think she’s prefer the better seal of neo tube - even in S FL heat - she get cold easy, not hot).

I might get her an Akuilisaq (might need to order custom as it’s a bit too much of a stretch), but with a small paddler in this cockpit it would pool a lot. A good taught neoprene deck would be better for her I think.

How’s the skirt BBK sells? What else?

For my Betsie Bay, I just did a quick cockpit tracing and sent it to Snapdragon. They made a nice custom skirt and shipped it to me pretty quickly. I’m sure Seals, Brooks, and Mountain Surf all can do similar custom work if they don’t already have the pattern in their files.

Second the custom work
I did the same for my S&G. Snapdragon used my tracing to make a custom skirt. It cost either the same as the stock skirt or $10 more.

Seals too …
As Alex said, Seals does custom work as well. A friend had a custom skirt made for his SOF and there was no extra charge - same price as a stock skirt. Actually, they list the SH as taking a 00 skirt, but I would try before you buy or contact them to make sure it’s right.


Same size
as my Arctic Hawk cockpit was…and I used the Seal size 00 that fit very well.

But I would recommend that Greenland “summer tuilik” that sounds like “Aksuilaak” or something like that. It will fit multiple sizes including that one. I ordered one for that reason (hate having to buy multiple sized skirts). Mine will fit my round cockpit Greenlander as well as anything up to 16x24.


My wife has a SnapDragon neo skirt w/breathable tunnel (due to allergies) for her Sparrow Hawk. It is a perfect, custom fit - but wasn’t a custom price. They also have the tunnel you are after. Check out their site. We highly recommend them.

BBK skirt
I have the skirt BBK sells for their valkyrie, and I like it a lot. If the cockpit dimensions are similar, it might work–it’s very stretchy and easy to get on and off (unlike my other skirt for my other boat). Yet I’ve never had a problem with it coming off during rolling or rough water.