Skirt suggestions

I just bought a perception prodigy 10 and am looking to outfit it with a skirt, but can’t seem to find any info on what I should be looking for, can anyone help?

You are going to be limited
but Seals makes a nylon one that will fit. (5.5) Are you sure you want one? I’m a strong believer in spray skirts but only on boats capable of being safe in conditions that may require them. I’m not sure that a Prodigy qualifies on that count.

Know your and your boat’s limitations.

Why a skirt?
Similar to above - it’s not going to be dirt cheap to get a skirt for this boat and if things get nasty it’s of limited value anyway because with such a big cockpit, implosion is more likely than not.

You may want to save the cash for a nicer paddle.

keeping water out
I’m not really looking for something waterproof per say, maybe even a half skirt would work, I’m just trying to minimize the amount of overspray that actually makes it into the boat

a day skirt
which gives you 3/4 protection and comes off easily might be good if you need protection from direct sun and the occasional cloudburst while you paddle. It will keep some spray out but wave action, no. Buy a good bilge pump!

For a couple of months I had a Clearwater Design Iqaluit with a dayskirt made for that boat. I thought both were comfortable and well made but in a month I wanted longer, narrower kayaks with a smaller cockpit and more performance. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

A suggestion

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No one is giving concrete suggestions - so here's a half skirt (sometimes called miniskirts, dayskirts, etc.):

I bought one of these for my transitional (CD Pachena) kayak. It's nice on a really hot day to keep the sun off my legs. Also, my wife won't use a full skirt (claustrophobia), but this keeps the sun and spray off her gams. Works fine. Comes in 2 sizes - use Seals table on the site above to find out what size cockpit your boat has.

Clearwater Design
as concrete suggestion #2… they make dayskirts for their rec kayaks, maybe the cockpit dimensions are close to yours.