Skirt vvhich fits pre-2011 Hurricane 128

I need a spray skirt (non- neoprene) for paddling in Canada for my Hurricane Expedition pre-2011 128. My made to order neoprene vvas too tight for the combing and tore the front of the combing. Hurricane says neoprene is too tight for that type of combing and has been trying to help vvith combing fixes, but vvill still need a loser, off the shelf skirt vvhich vvould fit. I vvill be in Alberta in tvvo days, but vvon’t need the skirt for 2 months. Anyone vvith a pre-2011 Hurricane Expedition 128 knovv of any skirt vvhich vvill fit?

What are the dimensions of your coaming?

Sorry about delay in reply, have been camping and paddling and yesterday finally got access to internet. Can’t give you measurements – am 3,000 miles from home and today, I left the kayak with an outfitter I know, 1 1/2 hours away, who thinks he can fix that comming and strengthen it so it won’t tear when I use the neoprene skirt. (Hurricane made several suggestions and has been very helpful with giving me contacts from their network of dealers).

I should have indicated the measurements in my post, but I didn’t have any measuring tools (we were camping and paddling when I posted that query.)

I had researched skirts generally available and had to return two which were supposed to fit, but did not. This is why I had one made to order. In my ignorance and recommended by others, I ordered neoprene, not knowing that over time (I have used it for 2 years when needed)it would strain the type of comming my kayak has.