Skwoosh seat pads

I’m thinking about possibly purchasing some skwoosh seat pads in the near future to use on my kayak and surfski. Has anyone had any experience (both good and bad) using these seating pads? It seems they’re designed to just loosely fit on top of a kayak seat. Has anyone had any success mounting them to a seat with Velcro, contact cement, etc?

Thanks in advance.

I like mine. The pad has a non-skid surface on one side that holds to everything I have used it on. The top side is a little slippery enabling you to move around. I wouldn’t go out without it. The one I use is the “classic paddling cushion.”

Yes and No
I like them in calm conditions. They have a gell feel that relieves the pressure points in the seat.

I don’t like them in rough conditions because the gell quishes from side to side and takes away the direct feel of the boat beneath me. When in rough water I like a direct contact feel of the boat against me so I can make very minor corrections with lean. The gell takes away that feel for me.

I would buy it again though. I just remove it for rough water.

Love 'Em
I use the Sport model - the thinnest one they have. It adds considerable comfort to a nylon covered foam seat (folding kayak) without sacrificing contact with the boat. The bottom of the cushion is sticky enough to stay in place with just a tether to prevent loss in an unplanned swim and the top has the right amount of slipperiness to move my butt around a bit. Five Stars.

They’re too heavy