Skyblazers--Water Proof?

I’ve read on more than one site on the net that there can be up to a 50% failure rate on Skyblazers not working because they leaked around the O rings. I don’t know if this is true or not but would feel safer if they were in a water proof bag or container.

I’ve tried the Aquapac. It is a great bag but do to the hard plastic at the top it won’t fit in a pocket on my PFD.

Does anyone “bag” their Skyblazers? If so, what do you use?

Any other comments or suggestions on Skyblazers and carring Skyblazers yould be appreciated!

Thanks ---- Bill

supposedly waterproof…
I think the old skyblazers had the 50% failure rate. Since Orion acquired them, the latest batch seems much better. All the recent ones that I’ve fired (expired) all worked fine. I don’t really go out of my way to waterproof flares. Like my VHF, whether it is naive of me or not, I expect them to be submersible.


same here
I put them in a “paddling” zip-loc bag that’s much stronger and they were exposed to the water for quite awhile; no leakage. Plus, I had my recent ones test fired by the USCG and none failed. That was after I exposed the chain and crimped the link down tighter so it wouldn’t break during the launch pull.


I think Schizo got it,the old skyblazers would rust out and had a high dud rate,the newer ones in the tubes seem to be better,either way if you’re bringing three on your person you should probably have three more stashed in the cockpit or in a ditch bag. If I’m where I think they’re necesary I’ll have a vhf radio.

Here is what I do
I have an Icom M88 VHF handheld in my PFD pocket and 2 skyblazers in a zip lock bag in the same pocket. I use a wide mouth nalgene bottle as a bail out kit and have more in there along with about 25 essentials like matches, fire starter, food, light, knife, line, ect. ect.

for the replies everybody.