Skylark or Kestrel

I’m looking to buy a light boat in the 12 ft. range, and after as much research as one can muster have narrowed my search to the Eddyline Skylark and CD Kestrel. I really like both boats. For the types of paddling these boats would be doing, they come up on top. The models in question are both the TCS plastic.

I’m looking for anyone who can tell me the advantages one might have over the other? As always, thanks in advance for your help.

paddle safe, LJB.

Don’t know if this is an advantage
but the Skylark has a smaller cockpit (35 long as opposed to the Kestrel’s 38), but the Skylark’s cockpit is still plenty big, even for a larger paddler. I personally don’t like huge cockpits. They both look like nice boats, though. Probably couldn’t go wrong with either.

One more thing… I have owned three Eddylines and have found that they track really well without a rudder, even in a stiff wind.


Hmm… I almost bought a Kestrel But I Opted for the CD Breeze and it should arrive TODAY…!!!

I’ll write again after I get it as it is similar to the Kestrel Good luck…ken

kestrel hybrid
can say anything about the other boat but know that in the hybrid kestrel (the 29 pound one) that there exist a design flaw in the seat and that if you are over 150 pounds or even 150 and lean back you WILL crack the seat where the back meets the seat pan…to me it was a non issue and i put some mini-cell under the week point and havent had an issue since…but many would say that at the hybrid price there shouldnt have been a failure and i agree

Before you buy
check out the Hurricane AquaSports kayaks. There cheaper and lighter . . . Love mine

I have had My New Breeze out Twice In one week…I am quite pleased with the Overall performance…Mine is a Rotomold and seems to be quite Sturdy…I like that cause I can get into some Gnarly back waters… I did lean back too far and Broke the Plastic adustment strap

on th first day…Hybred or Not This should not have happend either…I still am adjusting to the new Length…Mine is 13.5 " And I do Like the Cockpit Snug…If the Kestrel is Comprable. then it should be worth it…Ken

CD Breeze.
WOW Current Design Now has my Full attention…

From My Previous Post about the Breeze and my Broken Back Strap …I received this note…

Hello Kayakfun1,

Someone brought your post to my attention. I work for Wenonah Canoe/ Current Design customer service and if you want to provide me with your name and address and can send you out the replacement parts you need. You can get me your info my replying to this email or by calling and asking for Dave in cutomer service. Sorry for any incovience this may have caused.


Now That is GREAT Customer Service…

And !!! I went fishing today from the Breeze…

No Fish but a Good Paddling…In rough Waters

It sliced trough the Chop Like Butta…

KUDOs To Current Design…Ken