Skylark vs. Current Designs Vision 120

Still trying to narrow things down. I’m looking to replace my 55-lb. Tsunami with something significantly lighter. The Skylark is 41 lb.–still a bit heavier than I’d like, but sounds like a good quality boat. (Going to demo it today.) The Vision 120–which weighs only 28 lbs.–was suggested, but I’d have to wait till next year to demo it. Bummer, but I could, if would be a better purchase. However, I do have an opportunity to buy last year’s Skylark at 20% less than the 2010 model. Anybody know about the Vision in comparison to the Skylark? Thanks!

I’ll take a shot
haven’t demo’d the Skylark. Eddylines are hard to demo in SE Michigan and the new Eddyline rep for the Midwest lives in MN so his trips here are understandably few.

Both have dual bulkheads. The Vision series has more perimeter line esp up front than the Skylark which increases a measure of safety as far holding onto the boat. I like the front flush hatch of the Vision, more aerodynamic.

The Vision 120 has thigh braces, the Skylark does not. Big diff for boat control (edging, leans, etc.)

Vision is two inches narrower and tracks like an arrow for size. It also has less volume above and below the seam which should also aid quickness.

Vision cockpit is 1.5" narrower and about the same lengh as the Skylark.

Both have absolutely sucky seat backbands - too high, bulky when they flop forward, bad for rescue re-entry.Interfere w. torso rotation.

Ditch them for a low backband.

Now in fairness I never paddled a Skylark but the Vision 120 has very good performance for length. If you are a small paddler this would be my pick without hesitation.

The Vision series is built in China and I personally would not buy it for that reason - it may not be a factor for you.

Weight seems a very important factor for you. Hard to beat 28 lbs. You will be lifting that boat for years, you will thank yourself every day for going lighter, and you may use the boat a lot more. If so the Vision 120 is again the clear pick.

FWIW, 20% off last year’s model (assuming it is brand new not a demo, e.g. never in the water) is an OK deal but not great.

apples to apples

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they are really two different boats. While there is indeed a continuum in boat models these days from "recreational" to "transitional" or "daytourer" or whatever thet term used, the Skylark - without thigh braces or full perimenter deck lines - is closer IMO to the rec concept.

a fairer demo would be the Eddyline Merlin LT and the Vision 120. You can get the Merlin LT specs at the Eddyline website. It still weighs in at 41 lbs, it is Carbonlite and the not the composite hybrid material used in the 28 lb Vision 120, but the features of the two are more similiar. And the Merlin LT was designed w. small paddlers in mind.

Edit: just read your paddling profile.

For the kind of slow, shallow rivers you are doing and want to do, either the Skylark or the Vision 120 will work. For your compromised lungs the Vision 120 would save a lot of weight not only in racking and carrying the boat, but also in getting it ashore or controlling it when you capsize. ( I say when not if, as sooner or later we all do)

Hull shape?
Do you know the hull shape of the Merlin LT and the Vision 120?

The Merlin XT has a deep V with soft chine, but I don’t know if the LT has the same shape. I wouldn’t recommend a deep V for this poster.

You’re right, 20% off is not a good price for an 09.

hull shape
The Skylark hull is deeper, and, with the boat being wider as well, it carries more volume than a petite lady would want. A high volume boat w. a small person inside will ride higher and be pushed around a lot more by wind and waves.

Most of the CD boats have V hulls - in varying degrees. The Vision has a very moderate V hull, as does the Willow. They are both very friendly boats for newer paddlers. The Suka and Caribou have much more,for example. But not nearly so much as a P&H Bahiya, or a Prijon Barracuda, for example. I have paddled all of these boats (except the 'Cuda) & noted this.

Just to say a boat has a V hull doesn’t really tell too much about it, as there is so much range in this feature. Certainly not enough to say it’s not recommended for the poster.

that’s the beauty of a demo - to discover the subtle and not so subtle differences :smiley:

skylark vs current designs vision 120
The actual weights of the 2010 and 2011 Vision is a little heavier than advertised, about 34lbs. Current Designs thought their production run would be about 28 but being made in China it came out heavy by a little bit. The new 2012 Vision 120 SP is 2 pounds lighter at 32. The Merlin LT is a solid 42lbs. Sorry I don’t know anything about Eddylines Skylark. My Vision is for sale very reasonable and is in top shape if you are interested in a used one. Good luck.

still for sale, location?