Slack in Uphaul Line

Hi - We just purchased two used Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145s. They were both used on the water at an outfitter. When I was just outside adjusting the footpegs, I was checking the uphaul line (i think that’s the name…whatever raises and lowers the rudder). However right now one hangs almost all the way down to the ground. It’s probably something I did but I can’t figure out how to take the slack out. Has anyone had this most likely easily fixed issue? Thank you.

On my phone so didn’t grab the link. But if you Google “Wilderness Systems Rudder” among the result links will be a video on how to install one. That will probably point you in the right direction.

It is possible that the owners gave up on fixing the line because another part of the mechanism failed. But you will see among those links that parts can be gotten.

Some fussing w kayaks each year is normal. You may find that you want to replace some of the bungie and perimeter line is due for a change,

Thank you. Truthfully I probably won’t even use the rudder that much. I just didn’t like the line hanging down on the side. I’ll watch the video and see if anything jumps out. Thank you very much