Slanted skeg

Is it true that a skeg is still ok if it slants a little to starboard or port as long as the skeg is parallel or in line with the center line of the boat? It’s a Romany with rope skeg and the skeg box is in line with the center put not quite straight up and down.

Thanks – Bill

Works just as well
Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks designed his “Petrel” with s deliberately slanted skeg, because the skeg box was too big to install perpendicular. It works just the same as any other skeg.

Looks kinda cool when the skeg is down when it’s on land that way.

Warped skeg
The skeg on my Pintail has a mild warp to it but doesn’t seem to make any diffence in performance

that I can detect.


If you want to
you can straighten out the skeg by removing it and setting it up in a vice or something that will hold the the bend in the opposite direction for a period of time. Using a hair dryer will also help while it is set up with the bend in the opposite direction.

that’s a cool one
were you at Mystic?

Offset not slanted
Technically the skeg is vertical but it is offset about 1" to one side. The reason is to reduce the chance of pebbles being pushed into the skeg box. It has never jammed.

But, the answer is still the same: slanted or offset, it still works so long as it is parallel to the long axis of the boat.

But I was in the water in my kayak.