Slate Islands

Has anyone paddled the Slate Islands in Lake Superior? I’m interested in anyone else’s experience and where the camping spots are located on the islands.


Get yourself a copy of Guide to Sea Kayaking in Lakes Superior and Michigan:

It’s an excellent book outlining dozens of routes on these two Great Lakes - among them, a Slate Islands trip.

Thanks. It is a good guide book.
We’ve read it. The authors mention only 2 places to camp on the islands. We wanted to connect with someone who has paddled the islands and might be able to give us tips on other places to land and camp.

No help here…
Sea-Kayaker magazine has an add in the videos section that lists a company called Voyagers North Productions. They have a video “Kayaking the Slate Islands” advertised. The web site listed did not exist when I tried it but the phone number was 800-823-6680. Might be worth a try.

Wish I could help more, but the Slates are still on the to do list. We really appreciated your help with planning our Apostles trip 2 years ago.


Please review my link

- the book is right about the camping - not a lot but more than two sites (yes there are only 2 really good sites!) - the others are pebble stone beach landing / launch sites with areas of softer sand/ dirt / shaley ground for tent sites… and are fine as well - hiking on the island is ok but not great - well worth it - easier if you think and crouch down like Caribou and follow their well blazed trails through the thick boreal forest. Views are spectacular - waterscapes as well - can be exposed paddling outer shore and if you paddle to and from islands ( can also hire a boat from Terrace Bay)

have fun planning

Hi David
Thanks for the suggestion about the video, but their phone has been disconnected also. We’ve decided to postpone the trip until 2005. We’re going with another couple and they need to take a trip the last half of July. Two outfitters are advertising trips at that time and with only 2 good campsites…

Glad our info was helpful for your Apostle’s trip.

many campsites
There are probably a dozen nice campsites on the Slate Islands.

We spent most our time paddling the entire coast line of the interior of the islands, but also paddled around much of the eastern side of the southern island. We stayed on a nice south facing beach on the north island, around the middle of the island. In the interior, I remember a big campsite within a bay on the eastern side of the southern island. I also remember a north facing campsite on a rock bluff where a building used to be on the southern island. Then there’s some cabins on one of the small interior islands.

We were there in late July (2001), and the place was rather busy, especially with sailboats and big yachts. I would guess that the park will eventually become more regulated - I remember at least one trashy campsite on the west side of the north island.

***If you’re getting a shuttle, ask the about good places to camp.

Went there in '02
Great camp spot in a sheltered cove on the north side of the lighthouse, also plenty of good places to camp in the interior. Never made it to the east side of the islands, but most of the perimeter is pretty rocky and near impossible to land. There are a few spots on the north side to land at (first you come to after crossing from Terrace Bay).

You could try
this web site

Go to their “Expeditions” link. They have a description and pictures of their trip in 2002.