Sleek, fast, low, & proven tandem proto.

-- Last Updated: May-07-06 10:57 PM EST --

I'm back! Got a surprise this trip. A nice one! Got to see an already proven prototype, a sleek 17'9" open tandem canoe. Looks like it is moving 100 mph just sitting there! Wish I had the time to paddle her. Next trip!

It is the only one. Is not model named yet. This is it's second season on the water. The design is actually an upgrade and upsize of long proven hull theory and actual proven shape. The builder said it could be in production this paddling season once the production mold is finished.

The owner said it is a fast, predictable, stable, and FUN boat to paddle. He finished third in a sixty miler last year.

I was able to take a few quick measurements: Length 17'9", Max width 31", WL width unk, Depth: Bow 11" Center 10" Stern 9". Can be narrowed, maybe as narrow as 27". Narrowing would bring the bow and stern down making her track harder, which may be preferred by you racer types.

The hull is composite. Gunwales are laminated cedar. They look great! The canoe is quite light, but did not get the chance to weigh it. Seats are composite very comfortable tractors formed to the hull sides. Other style seats could be arranged. I'm sure a bow slider will be demanded by many.

I took a few fotos. Will post them if I can figure it out (a first for me).

Be out of communications for a few days. Try to answer any questions when back in commo.



Sounds like the old Sawyer Cruiser.

No. Faster hull than that. Reminds me
of the old Sawyer Legend(?) 10" deep racing tandem I have, but it is more up to date, sleeker, more recreational, and definately from a much different backgroung and sourse…



More “recreational” than Sawyer
Cruiser?? And faster too? I feel like a fish watching a wobbling spoon running by.

completely open?
Is it completely open or decked on the ends? Bow and stern sound very low for an open deck. But it’s a racer, then it should be.

Specs sound pretty close to my own version of a “solo plus”. Except my bow and stern are higher. I’ll finish building it one of these days.

Compared to Sawyer Legend, not Cruiser!
No, I was not comparing it to a Sawyer Cruiser. I was comparing it to a Sawyer Legend.

New boat unnamed as yet, but for ease of identification let us call it “Eagle”. “Eagle” would be, naw, IS a lot faster then a Cruiser! Faster simply by design. Also, at 10" deep the wind has much less effect on it. But at 10" it can not be a wilderness tripper like a Cruiser either. (BTW: I have an X-17 by Sawyer for sale if anyone is looking for a real serious wilderness tripper! It is located in MI)

So far only the one “Eagle” has been made for a friend of the builder’s. The builder is to get his costs together and set a preliminary price soon. He wants to set fair prices, not high ones.

I have purposely left the builder’s name and company out as he does not wish to be contacted until he finishes the final hull mold, which should be quite soon. He is currently finishing the final plug. Besides yakking on the fon slows down construction of my boat, a model to be called “Soaring Eagle”. Will let you all know as soon as builder says he is ready. Think we are talking a month for both models.

I have an estimated cost and what we think are final specs for the Soaring Eagle, production serial number 001. I have paddled the prototype with the builder. Changes we both thought were needed are being made as a result. Limited changes can be made even after the mold is set. One that can be made after mold is set is one strongly suggested by String a few years back when we were having hot and heavy design discussions. Or was that JackL? The sides are being pulled in to make a slight hour glass shape to east long and fast paddling. See comments you guys make are remembered, well sometimes anyway. Wouldn’t want any swelled heads now would we? ;^)



Completely open unless your want decks
of some sort? What size, shape, function do you want? Looking at one option of a full deck with a cock pit sides almost to the join strips, say 6" on the sides, but about 3’ from the ends.



oh oh oh
I didn’t realize this was still being tooled up. I thought it was like a small production you stumbled accross.

Sounds like a spiffy boat.