sleeping bag recomendations

im overweight and am looking for a half way comfortable 40 degree sleeping bag for canoe camping. somthing that packs well (within reason) that has a little wiggle room…for my 225 5ft 9 inch size . i havent been looking long and the bag im looking for might be right under my nose but thought i would seek some recomendations to narrow my search… thanks … jack

Jack, I Really Like Down
Have one that is 25 years old and another since 1976. Unfortunately, the '76 bag has been lost for a few months. I’m looking to replace it and this is the leading candidate. I’ve had good luck with Marmot gear and the reviews are good.

Nothing compresses like down and nothing feels as good as down to sleep on. I’ve never had issues with down getting too wet, and I’ve spent many a rainy night in a tent. Just use a little common sense and it’s a non-issue.

Here’s a link to that bag. Terry,78017_Marmot-40-F-Wind-River-Sleeping-Bag-Down-Semi-Rectangular.html

Fleece bag
If you are heavy like me then 40 degrees at the coldest should be no problem with a fleece bag if you are sleeping in a tent. If you are not in a tent then I’d get something better. I try not to camp when it gets below 40 so the fleece bag is usually fine. But if it is going to be in the on the low end of that I’ll wear some long johns and a fleece shirt to bed as well.

For example lets say I go to bed and it is 62 degrees. By about 5 in the morning it will be about 42 degrees I might be a little chilly but it is time to wake up and make coffee and hot chocolate soon anyway.

Most places I go the temp swings from 20 to 30 degrees every day. If the low is going to be below 40 I don’t camp. If the high is going to be below 50 I try no to go outside.

You really have to try them on
Bags vary in cut just as peoples bodies vary.

So its best to go to an actual store and get in one on the floor.

Add a semi-rec down bag to the mix…
…and you have a really versatile system. What we typically do for camping is use a pair of fleece bags zipped together and carry a semi-rectangular down bag that unzips into a comforter of sorts, which we pull over the fleece when it gets chilly. For a single person, a single fleece bag and the same down bag - used as either a bag or a comforter - works fine.

Big Agnes (BA)
Look at Big Agnes (BA) brand bags. They make several bags targeted to larger people, and are usually pretty roomy. They offer bags in many temp ranges, and all are very packable.

All or most have no insulation on the bottom, and instead have a built in pocket to house their very packable inflatable sleeping pad.

A buddy of mine is close to 300 lbs, and sleeps in a BA bag.

second Big Agnes
I second the Big Agnes. Slip a standard size thermarest in it (20"x72") and you can’t go wrong. This one is rated to 35 degrees and it’s on sale. A regular should be your size.