Sleeping bags compressed size

Hello all, my first post here but a long time visitor.

My boat is CD Squall (16 1/2 ft) which is not the best for storage. I just completed my first kayak trip in the Everglades National Park and since there is no fresh water to filter anywhere in the park you have to carry all your water.

Besides the collapsible water jugs my sleeping bag is the biggest item in my boat; I am willing to sacrifice comfort for space, any ideas which sleeping bag (40F) is the smallest when stuffed?

I look at this one but I’m confused by “Stuff Sack size” and “compressed bag size”

Thank you.

I use a Big Agnes Yampa
in a waterproof compression sack along with a Big Agnes insulated pad, a MSR Huba in a compression sack and my fleece jacket all fit in a 20 liter dry bag! For water in your squall use 10 liter MSR Dromidary Bags. One just behind the rear bulkhead, one behind your seat, one in front of your feet and if you need 10 gallons of water one under your legs. Peace Joel

In general
Down is the material and mummy is the shape that will pack the smallest.

The higher the temperature rating, the less fill it will have, and hence the smaller it will pack.

As for the Agnes specs, maybe they give you a compression stuff sack. The compressed dimensions would be the smallest you can pack it.

Marmot 40 degree down(arete)
bag packs into an OR size 2 compression bag just fine…its about the size of a 2 liter bottle.

Stuff sack is quite a bit biggger.

My Big Agnes Insulated Air Core mat packs to a 1 liter size and the Hubba Hubba is quite small.

I find for kayaks with hardshell protection recycled 2 liter soda bottles work fine in kayaks…and use some of that bow and stern space nothing else seems to fit in.

Sleeping bags
Joe, Glen and Kayakmedic thanks a lot for your inputs, excellent information.

one thing not mentioned about BA
BA bags fill is only included where needed, on you, not under you. They’re designed to pack down small and do that better than any bag I know of, with the benefit of being incredibly comfortable (or maybe vice versa).


Compression E-vent
Whichever sleeping bag you choose, try out one of these bags for storage. It will compress your bag to unbelievable smallness. They come in different sizes to accommodate whatever you need.

I use the event extra small for my Yampa
It worked well on a 30 day trip in the Sea of Cortez.

10L OR AirPurge Dry…
…Compression Sack takes my REI Nisqually +35 to an 8" diameter ball. I wish they made it in 5L as the shape would be better for packing in a the back end of a skegged boat. I really like these dry bags. they do feature eVent and they are really well built.

Nalgene bottle size
EMS used to sell one that would fit into a 1-ltr Nalgene bottle. I cannot remember the model name but it was EMS label and filled with PrimaLoft (which is highly compressible, though still less so than down). It was rated to either 35 or 40 degrees F.

I switched to a down bag instead, but that’s because I needed something that would be warm below 40 degrees, even in summer.

Sleeping Bag
Check out Mountainhardwear Lamina series, its synthetic and packs down very well.

The Kelty . . .
. . . Light Year 40 in down also packs very small and relatively cheap. I used a Sea to Summit E-vent compression stuff sack to get it down to grapfruit/cantelope size. I like the Thermarest Prolite 3/4 because they fold in half before rolling to make a shorter package.

With down you will have to dry the bag occassionally to get rid of moisture that accumulates. An hour in the sun will usually do it.

I bought the Kelty Light Year 40
Huge different in size than my old discount store Coleman. Don’t get me wrong, the Coleman kept me warn and is very comfortable but it was HUGE for a 40 degrees bag. The Kelty which I hope is warm too is like one sixth of the Coleman.

Thank you all for your inputs.