Sleeping Pads


In the market for a sleeping pad, one nice and thick that packs down well. I have a thermarest that i used for backpacking, but it’s thin and with packing in a canoe I want something alot thicker.

Any suggestions/advice greatly appreciated!


Yo Han

You can get Thermarest models that are up to 2 1/2 " thick and 25 inches wide to satisfy your requirements.

Thanks Richard…been so long since I got one… don’t think they offered em back then.

Exped DAM
These are nice. Own two of them.

Big Agnes Air Core

– Last Updated: Feb-23-05 12:25 PM EST –
Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Pad

THIS IS THE BEST PAD I'VE EVER OWNED! Its an airmatress I can use in cold weather. Its very small and extremely comfortable.

In case you couldn't tell I love it. My Thermarest is crap compared to this comfort wise. Its bombproof and fantastic.

I also use it in combination with a very thin (1/2") closed cell pad and I've been comfortable to -6 degrees.

Cheaper than the mattress above and not going to give out on yah when you dunk it. Get the full-size non-Mummy version!


LK i actually ran across this surfing about 2 hours ago and read some good reviews on them. Heck of alot cheaper than the other options. Think I’m gonna give it a shot.

Thanks all for the input!

Insul Mat
For years I slept on a long list of “pads”. None were really comfortable. All they did was barely keep me off the ground and insulate me from the cold. Then I discovered the Insul Mat air mattress. Its super comfortable and packs down smaller then any pad I’ve ever owned. Its cut in “coffin shape” and is easy /quick to blow up. One word of caution…it is strictly a three season matt. I used it on a recent snow camping trip and near froze my buns off.

Feathercraft makes a thick sleepmat
that looks pretty good. 4" thickness compared to the 2.5" of the other ones and packs down smaller. It would need an extra thin closed cell pad if you would use it in cold weather and probably a small air pump to blow it up. Just saw it used on a seven day kayaking trip and it looked very tough.

I’m a huge fan of Big Agnes gear. I’ve got a Seedhouse 2 Tent and my AirCore pad(s). They make bomb-proof gear, have fantastic! customer service, and have decent prices.



They might make a 3" version now
Thought I saw that the last time I looked at their huge list of offerings.

ThermaRests now come in at least three different lines, each of which includes many different sizes and thicknesses. Oh, I forgot, now they have a different set of pads specifically for women, too.

If compressibility and/or light weight matter, check out the line of pads targeting backpackers. They are available in some pretty thick thicknesses; the difference from the other lines is that the foam has small cutouts, which allows better compression. However, the cutouts mean that an ultralight pad of given thickness is not as warm as a regular pad of the same thickness.

I saw a good guide to ThermaRest pads that gave all the dimensions, weights, packed sizes, prices, and insulation value. Most listings don’t provide this last item, but it’s important.