Anyone have a kayak that allows a quick nap? My seat back is too high (by necessity for my back) to allow me to lay on the back deck. Yet I know for long crossings, some kayakers are able to overnight in their boats with the assist of paddle floats for bracing. Ever tried it?

have not
But I share you’re want to. I have often thought about making an outrigger boat suitable for sleeping. I would use it for long flat water paddles. No ocean. I’m sure there is about 25 people in need of such boat. There is an outrigger with a tent on it that I have seen on the internet some where. It is just a concept however.

Good luck. Let me know when you find it.

Ryan L.

Hobie Adventure Island

Just leave the mast and sail at home or bring it with you and strap it to one of the outriggers.

greenland paddles
either side behind your seat with paddle floats on the ends.

Make sure your rigging supports this. bungees will not work.

carry one storm and one regular GP, a couple of paddle floats and you are all set.

Beach ball and outrigger
I’d use an outrigger or two to keep upright. For resting my head I’d just use the put your head on your desk nap position with a beach ball as a pillow.

In actuality I most often nap in wider boats and just let my head nod forward. Longest nap has been about 30 minutes and then I felt like paddling again.

This August and September I’ll find out more about napping and paddling as I try to set a personal distance record without stopping to camp.

I like that idea
nice and light, easily packable. What kind of distance are you looking at?

If you are talking about napping during the day SUNSCREEN

I sleep in a big boy bed, and take naps on the couch.

Did an overnight in a NDK Romany
with a little padding, an anchor, a white light on a mast, and a make-shift mosquito net loosely attached over the cockpit.

Took a little while to get used to the motion but found the boat was quite stable and it would have really taken quite a wave to dump me. Doesn’t compare to home or a Motel 6, but once I relaxed, I got a decent nights sleep with only a few interruptions (that ocean liner DID startle me! (joke)