slender downriver baot

Does anyone know of info on a “Slender” 17’ downriver kayak? Like who the manufacturer was and so forth. I had one, but recently stolen.I thought a company called New Wave may have made it, but I can’t find any info.

The Slender in a beginner training kayak for Olympic flatwater racing. It is made by Stuer of Denmark. Kayak Specialities of Buchanan Michigan use to import them.

New Wave manufactured my Slender, but I don’t know if they still do. Mine has been sitting in the garage accumulating dust. If you have no luck recovering yours,mine is looking for a good home.

PS Composites may still have the
mold for the boat you are interested in. Paul Schreiner (formerly of New Wave) is still making quality composite boats, but his website only shows the ones that he is pushing now, or that are moving now. If you Google PS Composites, you can contact him and see what he has.

The only quasi-downriver boat he offers now is the Cheta, a 13’ whitewater cruiser. Fast for its length, but maybe not the trainer you want.

My club has two Slenders. I recently bought two seats for them from Paul Schreiner. He’s in business in Pennsylvania and turned the order around in a reasonable time. I wasn’t entirely pleased with the transaction, because the seats are heavy and not quite the color I asked for, and he didn’t reply to repeated requests for advice on attaching them to the boats. But he did send the seats and they are solidly made. or

– Mark