Sliced bungee repair

My spare paddle halves sliced through the stern deck bungees keeping them secure. Can anyone tell me the thickness of bungee to replace the lines? Also, is there some way to prevent this going forward without losing the elasticity that keeps the paddle blade in place?

I don’t recall the size off hand, but because you are replacing, you could always just cut a piece off and take to the store and match the size there.

North Water has a few paddle holders that could work to help prevent getting a cut in the future. Like the Paddle Britches ( and Scabbard.

Current designs will ship you new bungee. Good quality not some junk. I have 5 CD kayaks I can tell you what I use tomorrow.

Bungee replacement is a periodic maintenance thing anyway on a boat. The bungees will lose elasticity over time no matter what. I have one boat with that kind of RDF and my recollection is that 8 maybe 10 mm will fit. Whether that is what the boat came with I can’t say. Replaced a few times now.