Slide Lock Foot Pegs for NDK Explorer

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Any ideas on where to purchase slide lock foot pegs (with the extended handles that allow adjustment while seated in the cockpit) for an Explorer? Most foot peg rails have mounting holes spaced at 14 5/8" whereas the Explorer has holes at 14 1/2". I've modified a pair for temporary use but would like the right ones, preferably in metal. Thanks.
EDIT - I would be happy with any metal slip lock system since I can always draw the holes in the rail or hull. So far I have only seen plastic slip lock peg systems.

Exporer foot pegs
I believe Sea Dog makes the pegs you are looking for.


Sea Dog
Thanks Terry. I checked out and did see the metal Yakima pegs but didn’t see the slide lock type. I will call them later and inquire.


How often do you really need to adjust the footpegs? Why take out the hands-down, industry’s best footpeg and replace it with anything else? The only reason why you are seeing an explosion of alternatives is kayak manufacturers are trying to increase their margins by using their own or less expensive versions rather than the Yakima aluminum rail system.

I tried a few things
Thanks for all the inputs.

My main reason for wanting the slip lock pegs was to get some additional length for my long legs since I have that system in my WS Sealution XL and it does put the pegs a few inches further forward. Today I stretched the holes and transferred the slip locks to the NDK. The plastic slip locks were not very stable and felt like they might break (I do a lot more rolling, sculling, etc. in the NDK than I previously did when I paddled the XL). I went back to the factory standard NDK rails. I also tried foam blocks but didn’t like the loss of foot space to stretch occasionally.

I love this boat so much that I’m willing to put up with less than optimum foot pegs but I will keep looking. Thanks again.


Wilderness systems makes them

Modified approach to foam blocks
You probably used a full-width foam block against the front bulkhead.

If you use two hunks on the sides instead of one full-width block, you get some stretching room for feet. This is what I just did with my Explorer LV. You might need to glue them to the BH to prevent moving around, but try it unglued first to see if you like it.

alternative to just footpegs
is a bar that spans from one side to the other mounted on the pegs.

Since foot space is at premium in some kayaks and the sides of the hull are not as roomy as the centre I have modified my Impex kayaks to look like this


I like that mod…
…I need a little more room in my Assateague and like you, I found the footpegs to a little on the small side. I was going to try some foam on the bulkhead but your solution is much mo’ better.