Sliding Bow Seat and Solo Paddling

Hey folks. I’m rebuilding a fiberglass canoe and had to pull off all the old wood. Enough was gone that I was only able to mark one thwart and the stern seat. I’ll have to make up where the rest goes. I was considering a sliding bow seat but I know for sure I’m going to want to paddle this canoe solo some of the time. The thwart that goes across the back of the sliding seat seems like it would make solo paddling from that seat really uncomfortable. Has anyone come up with a solution or seen something clever or have any clue whatsoever? I’m stumped on this one.


Solo seating
Howdy… I’d use the slider in the bow for efficient trimming of the canoe in tandem mode and consider a lowered kneeling thwart between stern seat and your yoke, and maybe add some pads to please the knees.

Thanks, but…
Thanks, Stickman. I’m too old, too big, and have too much arthritis in my knees to kneel on a regular basis. I’m hoping for a sitting solution.

Sliding stern?
Could you setup a sliding stern seat with enough movement to get a decent solo position?


cool idea
Cool idea! Thanks, Tommy. Long way for the stern seat to travel but something like that might work. I’ll see what I can come up with.

Centre seat
A centre seat is a good idea then you just reverse your yoke and it is not in the way. Our company makes these accessories for a rental fleet in Ontario and that was their solution for item placement.