sliding hatches

I’ve got a kayak that has hatches that slide around no matter how tight the straps are. Any suggestions on how to secure them? Thanks. VF

Your straps thread through a footman’s loop on your hatch. Try threading a tri-glide buckle onto the webbing on either side of the footman’s loop. That should cut down how much the cover can slide.

My next suggestion is to glue a thin piece of foam or neoprene to the entire underside of the hatch lid. The slippery plastic on your neoprene cover would slide around, but foam on neoprene or neoprene on neoprene would have more friction.

A third option is to glue a small lip of minicell foam to the underside of the hatch cover that surrounds the hatch opening. If it’s cut right, the minicell would almost act like an additional gasket.