Sliding Seat placement?

Can anybody tell me how to use the sliding seat in my new to me Swift Osprey?

I understand it’s used to adjust the trim.

I’m not sure where to set it or how often to change it.

Under what conditions would I want to be forward of center, bow down?

Under what conditions would I want to be aft of center, bow up?

It seems there is an awful lot of range ~2’ do folks typicaly use that much or are adjust ments to trim usualy more subtle?

Oh yeah I expect to be on my knees butt on the seat with a strait paddle 90% of the time if any of that makes a difference.

i’ve found that i typically sit just aft of the boat’s center most of the time. for most wind conditions, this seems to work best for me. however, when paddling into a headwind or slightly quartering wind, i often move the seat several inches forward. i don’t kneel though, so it’s easy for me to slide the seat back and forth to experiment. i’d try moving it around and trying various positions. over time, you’ll figure out which positions works best in various conditions.

Adjusting with a load
The weight of load that I take along varies and therefore my position on the slider will vary. I put the seat farther back than I think it should be to start with. This gives the bow a very noticeable dance (side to side wiggle) on every stroke. Adjust the seat forward a little at a time until that bow dance starts to become more of a twitch. This should be very close to the sweet spot for the loading.

Thanks Guys
For helping me get started with this boat. I paddled it for the first time Monday on a very narrow twisty section of the Ipswich. I was mostly pretty far back which worked well when manuvering was key. Pretty good for climbing beaver dams too!

On the few straight sections it definately required a lot of correction so I think I’ll need to get on a lake and look for that sweet spot where the “bow dance becomes more of a twitch”

Thanks again,