Sliding seat stops

I thought I would give a heads up:

I was in “Auto-Zone” store today buying windhhield wipers, and happened to notice that they have the strap type pipe rubber hose clamps with a big plastic wing nut attached. They had them in various sizes and there were two in a package for 2.99.

If you have a canoe with the sliding seat on aluminum tubing these are the perfect seat stops for a low cost.

I picked up a pack just to keep in my paddling tool box.

In the past I have welded a washer into the screw head on the old fashion straps, but this is a much neater setup, and usually the washer rusts up after a while.

Jack L

Thanks for mentioning this, Jack. I was looking for something along those lines but wasn’t sure what I was going to use. Those sound like they will be perfect.

we had washers welded into the slot of a hose clamp still have some from the workdays

Used Them On My Sawyer Autumn Mist
Worked fine & dandy. Looked to see if I had any pics where you could see them, but haven’t found any yet. WW