Slight oil canning on used kayak. Big deal?

Thank you. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. It’s a three hour drive to pick it up, so we’re doing things via text and photos.

That’s really minor. Over the years I’ve bought several used kayaks with that much and even a little more hull deformation that had no effect on performance.


I’ve got existing boats that are worse that paddle just fine. That oil canning is nothing. Unless the ding goes through the hull, it is also nothing. Go get the boat.


Thanks guys! I’ll stop being a worry wart. :grin:
I really appreciate all the advice!

That is pretty minor. Looks like it was left strapped to the roof rack for several hot days and set. Wouldn’t stop me from buying but it depends on how you feel about performing the repair. If that’s not something you want to do then pass and go on to the next one that pops up.

I’m a bit surprised these responses didn’t just say buy it. You seem to be a somewhat novice at this stuff… You will never know the difference of it from being new to now. And it might just give you a learning curve for the future


More than that said, $400 is NOTHING for a somewhat decent kayak. Your accessories will be about that.


if you think you will be kayaking for a while - get a fiberglass kayak. you’lll be happier in the end

I have been paddling since 1980 In every construction . I am now perfectly happy with my poly boats.

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Ceci, is that boat in your possession?

Yes indeed. I picked it up today. :smiley: I got it out on the lake late this afternoon. I love it!

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That is great! I’m glad you got it. You will have many wonderful hours on the water.