Slightly used never abused

I mean really as a fixer upper what is max it would be worth?

Maybe an interesting display piece…but not for $540.

Ugly for a display.

50 bucks as an ivy holder.

Probably be cheaper and less work to order a kit from Chesapeake than to start in on that. Interesting that the previous owner did repairs to the bottom of the boat and there are no pictures of the bottom.
Oops… more pictures. Shows the bottom and more that’s wrong. Definitely way ahead to order a new kit.

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Wood kayaks in decent shape often seem to go quite cheap on Craig’s list, seldom recovering even the cost of the kit. So $540 for a hulk is out of line. If you don’t mind a major project, the seller does have the “make offer” option. You could try offering a hundred bucks or so. But I expect the seller will be unrealistic with pricing since they seem to think it’s worth $540. And I’d insist on inspecting it before paying to make sure it’s not all rotted.

(The stainless rudder bracket on the stern is worth about $25)

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Personally I wouldn’t pay one dollar for it unless I could inspect it in person. Then if I thought it could be refurbed for not much cash layout I might offer $100. But even that would be pushing it.

" Wooden Ocean Kayak…"

The seller isn’t a very knowledgeable kayak person. Ocean Kayak…is a brand name.

  1. If a real stitch n glue kit boat it is a composition not “wood” . But that looks like that one of the old Chaseapeakes 18 before when they were glassing the deck. Built by individuals anything could be.

  2. Its in real rough shape. There is a dark spot along the right deck clamp , dark spot. I suspect it has real problems throughout.

  3. Suspect all they straps and bungee are degraded.

  4. Www.CLC …has kits as mentioned. That one starts around $1,000 plus tax and shipping. Will take from 2 weeks to a year to do.

Ps… Personally if wouldn’t mess with it. Cause I got a pretty good C-17. That dosent need near that works that I built. AND that boat will likely take 2 weeks to a year to do and $500 worth OS supplies if you aren’t currently doing that kind of work.

As others I would only do a on site insp.

Would cost me $181 just to drive there and back. Value for boat = the charity feeling you have for the owner.

That is not a boat to buy for any amount. Honestly, I wouldn’t take it for free and I’m retired with lots of free time.

Run fast, Forrest!


I refinished a Pygmy in MUCH better condition…
When finished I swore it would have been easier and quicker starting from scratch…

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Good on a cold winters night!


My uncle use to have a saying…
“You can’t shine sh*t”…

There is one like this on the Nashville, TN Craigslist. It is in excellent condition and the price is currently $799

That one needs to be ‘free’ on Craigslist.

Handmade boats are a tough sell for many reasons… big money losers.

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A kit for a kayak like that is worth around $1,000 as a pile of lumber and some epoxy.
Stich and glue boats can definitely be brought back.
I sold a Pygmy many years ago for $1,400.
If I wanted another wood kayak I would $400-500 for one like that.

Compared to the boats most people paddle that kayak is light, strong, and will go like the wind. When it is refinished it will be beautiful.