how do they work ?? I’m getting one. Where are they bought ?? how much ?? THANKS !! :slight_smile:

Admire your enthusiasm
But the question is a bit confusing. Do you mean a stirrup for a rescue aid? Something to put your foot into to help you back into the boat? Generally people make them themselves out of polypropylene rope or flat webbing. Everyone likes something a little different so this is a place where a class or a few books could really help – along with practice:-)

The best stirrups I’ve seen are the ones Body Boat Blade especially for assisted rescues. You (i.e. the guide) clip it to your deck line in front of the cockpit and throw it over the other boat (bow to stern) behind their cockpit. It’s then in a perfect position for a leg-up. Has a quick release clip in case of getting it tangled.

slow down big fella!
If you are still paddling a pamlico you should not need a rescue sling. Self rescue will not be all that effective anyway! Practice without it in flat warm water and make sure you have floatation in that thing. get skills and maybe lessons first, and get debateable gear later.

just curious
Do they use a dedicated stirrup or do they daisy chain a tow rig?

Are they not just the best instructors ever!

my floatation
Pamlico 140 flotation:

  • Rear hatch foam bulkhead

  • Stern float block

  • bow float block

What is a float block
is it carved to fit so as to displace the maximum amount of water. Is it secured so it will not float up and out?

And what kind of sling. How is you upper body strength to weight ratio

Basically they sell them for guides doing beginner type trips. I’m not sure Leon & Shawna carry them. It’s an adjustable length piece of flat webbing with a stirrup at one end (pvc pipe) and a clip at the other. Near the clip end is a plastic quick release buckle. You can release the quick release even under tension. I bought one for my friend who guides. Probably get my own sometime since I do a fair bit of paddling with beginners.

Yes I learned a lot from their class. Hope to do another soon.

I’m confused
where do the arrows and outrageous fortune come in?

float block
If I remember right, WS puts those in some (all?) of there rec boats. Cone shaped stryrofoam that is secured. It has been a few years since I saw this, but I believe that this is correct. Still allows a lot of water in though.

My pamlico shipped with float bags
I would modify to get lots of foam in there without distorting my hull.

Mom or Dad, are you out there?!?
Somebody pleeeeeeease buy this kid a wetsuit and neoprene booties. Mom or Dad, are you reading this?

If he paddles and flips in 40-deg water wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts, the availability of a sling might be a moot point. He’ll be shaking so hard that he might not have the coordination to use it.

Damn, there is just no delicate way to say this. Assuming Pamlico_14 really is itching to go paddling and not just a “paper paddler”, he needs immersion clothing. Fast.

Would you let him ride his bike without wearing a helmet?