Slip resistant canoe interior

I recently purchased a Wenonah Adirondack RX canoe for my wife and I to paddle, with our two dogs. In trying to acclimate my boxers to the canoe, I noticed they were very hesitant because of the slickness of the interior.

Has anyone coated the interior of their canoe with a non-skid surface that is durable and will not deteriorate the integrity of the boat? I thought a Line-x ™ dealer might be able to put a long lasting coating in the canoe, but there are probably other options than I am not contemplating. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



neighbor throws in closed cell sleeping pads into his boat for the dogs

I just posted a similar question…
a few days ago… here’s the suggestions:

Yes a sleeping pad works for the
dogs and isn’t expensive. I take my dogs paddling and on multi-day trips. A pad will help keep them from slipping and out of the water that accumulates in the bilge on a rainy day. The dogs get to love paddling.