Slippery foam padding problem

I added some black closed cell foam to the thigh hook padding on my kayak and am having a hard time keeping a bite on it with my leg. The padding reduces the height difference between the deck and my leg in hopes of getting a better hip snap when rolling. But the problem is my leg seems to slip off the pad where the Goretex drysuit and foam are in contact. It is hard to get it back in positon while inverted also. I was thinking about some sort of anti-slip coating that would not harm the Gortex. Sandpaper? Anyone else have this problem? Maybe a sander and try to form a lip or ridge?

Am I the only one that blames their equipment when you miss a roll? Blame the backband, footpeg, foam padding, paddle feather angle… What do you blame?

To check…
I am not sure if the black foam is more slippery than the elephant grey stuff we use - maybe. But the drysuit shouldn’t be an issue as long as it has the usual codura patches over the thighs/knees.

Maybe check out the angle that the resulting rebuilt thigh brace surface sits at. That is, did you shape it or build up segments so that there it hooks down again a bit on the inside or at least stays flat? Or is it angled so that the surface of the brace now goes consistently upwards all the way from the outside to the inside of the boat? If it is the latter, it’ll increase the likelihood of slipping as you put pressure on it.

Did you use
regular minicell foam for neoprene foam (rubberized foam)? Minicell foam has a more porous rougher surface but the neoprene foam has a very smooth surface. has a wide array of both types of foam available, and may have a solution for you.

Good luck…

Sticky Rubber Sheet Material…
…like that used as non-skid placemats - available in most houseware/hardware stores - would give you much improved grip - the question is how to bond it to the thigh hook padding. Maybe a spray adhesive???

Some types of foam have a very slippery skin as a result of the way it is made.

If that is the case, you can sand through the skin with course sand paper to exposer the less slippery foam underneath.