slippery hands

I’ve seen a couple of posts regarding slippery hands on a paddle. I figured this one out - use any hand balm w/bees wax in it (I favor the Naked Bee, but I bet Burts and anyone else’s will do well) - when your hands get wet, they get super-gripy. No more slip on the paddle!

alittle surf wax
rubbed on the shaft takes care of this. Anymore I’m addicted to the feel of the “tack” on the shaft. I think in surf etc, it relaxes the grip. A little goes a long way.

Sex wax…
…sold in board sailing arenas.

Ditto sex wax…
I also Dragonboat race and we use it on the wooden paddles there. Works great. I haven’t had that slippery issue with the Carbon Kayak paddle yet though.

Have had mixed results with waxes.
I pull up to a sandy zone, scrub my hands with sand, and lightly scrub the paddle shaft with sand. Works for the rest of the run.