Slippery Paddle

Hi all! Hots days and Slippery Paddle!

Paddling holding a carbon fiber shaft that wants to slip out my hands,… taking the fun out of it, Like that moment you realize wearing a hat keeps sweat from the eyeballs, . Any
suggestions on slippery Paddles?

Cycling gloves work well for me!

I just use “Sticky Bumps” base coat surfboard wax every few weeks. A $5 package lasts for several years because you really don’t need much on the paddle, it gives a grip, but is not too sticky. If you store your paddle in a hot car etc. You might need to use more often.

Have you tried Sex Wax?

I had that happen once paddling a surf ski. Intensely frustrating . I still have the same paddle and hands and it hasn’t happened again.
Some foreign substance like sunscreen or hand lotion? It was a high humidity/high heat day and my palms felt like they were sweating.
I keep a pair of paddling gloves in the boat should it happen again.

string diagnosed my problem with a slippery paddle and hope it is yours too because it is easy to resolve. It only happens to me when I apply sunscreen late, i.e. just before paddling. I’ve found that rubbing my hands together with a bunch of sand solves that slippery hand on paddle shaft issue.

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Salamander paddle wax.

400 grit sand paper on the shaft/loom worked for me with no subsequent treatments. I had purchased a used carbon GP paddle with lots of cosmetic scratches that I polished off by working up to 2000 grit. Looked beautiful, but impossible to maintain proper grip until I dulled down the loom. Paste wax also adds to shine and better grip.

Do you wear gloves? I find the best for warmer weather are actually rigging gloves, like for sailing, from marine stores. Slightly longer fingers than in paddling gloves and seem to last longer.
Good grip

I have problems until the sun tan lotion get off my hands and the shaft. I haven’t found gloves large enough for my hands.

I’ve used sex wax on paddle shafts but didn’t like that it does wear off and still tended to let blisters form. On a whim I got some 1" diameter shrink rubbing from an electrical supply house and applied it to the shaft of my Werner paddle. I was really happy with the result. It slightly increased the shaft diameter which helped grip, but the tubing material has"just enough" tack to it to improve grip significantly.

Comes in zippy colors too…:wink:

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I use fingerless gloves year round…for the padding and consistent friction. In hot, sticky weather I sometimes get too much friction between my hands and (canoe) paddle shaft and the gloves help.

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Tennis racket tape works well for this too. Its grippy unlike bicycle handlebar tape. I used it on a BB Whisper - my Werner already has a wide enough shaft.

Some carbon paddle makers use a textured weave on the shaft that I prefer. Not everyone does but I’ve used one in both Yukon River Quest 500 and the Yukon 1000 mile races and have never worn gloves

You can sorta get a sense of it in this pic

Well harumph. I didn’t know that Zav offered plaid shafts.

Keep your paddles clean. Carry an old towel to get rid of suntan lotion.
You can try roughing up the surface where you place your hands with some sandpaper around 100 grit.
If that fails put some pine pitch on it.

Here’s the most expensive solution: Get yourself a Greenland paddle. You hold on to ‘shoulders’ instead of a round shaft and slippery doesn’t happen.

I’ve tried paddling gloves, wax and sandpaper and had some issues with them all.

I settled on self adhesive medical tape.
I even use it on my bow for archery
It’s amazing!

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