Slippery Wing Paddle /cold water / help?

I compete in some local whitewater races in the spring. My paddle is a SRS Wing paddle that has what I would describe a “low texture shaft.” Combine that with cold temps, fatigue, sweat, and whitewater and you have a slippery situation on your hands.

Options I have checked out online (but not yet tried) include paddle wax, Yakgrips, and a product called “Paddle Grip.”

Seems like adding too much texture to the paddle could increase blistering – and maybe also interfere with rotation of the paddle shaft (I use a 60 degree feather).

Any advice will be appreciated.

Why a wing for white water?
As far as a slippery shaft, that’s never been an issue to me, but I don’t use mine for white water. I expect the forces exerted on the paddle would be greater. Also doing a high brace can be tricky even on flat water.

I use …
X-country ski wax (usually blue or green) when paddling with some gloves that do not grip enough. Put a little on and rub it smooth like you do with a waxable ski.

why a wing
These races are actually a combo of whitewater and flatwater. The top kayak paddlers tend to use wings for the advantage they provide in the flatwater. The wing is trickier in whitewater – but faster overall.

Sounds dirty, but really isn’t
Lots of folks use sex wax on their shafts.

Still, I’ve never found my paddle to be slippery in any conditions. Bare hand, gloves, warm weather, cold weather. I use an ONNO wing. I’d be curious to hear what Pat has to say. Unless, he doesn’t want to reveal his secret. :wink:

I use a Deep See brand …
waterproof divers glove often for winter/cold season paddling. They do not grip Werner paddle shafts well enough to use without wax. Other gloves such as NRS and Kokatat paddling gloves are not a problem, but don’t keep my hands warm and dry.

Glacier gloves
With poly or silk liners. Always have a few pair of spare liners handy.

Sex Wax
Put some Dr Zoggs Sex Wax on your shaft and slippage will be a thing of the past. Bring extra for your friends.

bike tape
Havea toothpick sized piece paralel to the shaft to help you know the orientation of how you should hold on. Good luck

Another Vote for Sex wax
I need another cake of it. Gotta find where to buy it. Can I use the same kind they sell in the surf shops?

Most times just prior to getting into
my boat whether it be a canoe race or a kayak race, I scoop up a hand full of sand and rub it into the palms of my hands to prevent the “slipperys”.

Try it, it just might work for you.

Also I don’t blame you for using the wing on a down river race. I do too.



Low-tech solution
Cheap nitrile gloves. I find they have just the right amount of tack. Available in lightweight and insulated.

sexx wax
YEs - the surf shop sells the wax you need. Buy it based on the temps you will be paddling in.