Slocan Lake BC

Recently did a 4 day 3 night trip using my Clipper Tripper from S to N on Slocan Lake in the Kootenays in SE BC. The route is along the west shore, which is part of the Valhalla Provincial Park. There are various camp grounds of 2 - 6 sites scattered along the shore. The entire trip is about 45 km. of straight forward paddling. Prevailing winds are from the N. and the lake is noted for its ability to suddenly turn into a stormy cauldron. You can spend more or less time there depending on whether you decide to hike into the vast mountain wilderness. Hikes vary in length but are typically around 10 - 15 km. with lots of vertical. The scenery is breathtaking.

This is wilderness camping with lots of potential for wildlife encounters including with grizzly bears and cougars. Creek water needs little or no treatment to be potable. Leave no trace.


As mentioned Slocan Lake is subject to sudden katabatic winds. In my limited experience such winds arrived in the later morning and you must stay aware.

New Denver, on the east shore, is worth a visit. It is the site of a Japanese concentration camp in WW2 and also as the site for forced residential school enrollment for Doukhobor children in the 1950s.

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Beautiful area.