Slocums River (Mass.) put in?

Does anybody know of a put in for a kayak at the Buzzard’s Bay end? Maybe Demarest Lloyd SP or somewhere in that area. Thanks for any help.

Slocums River (Mass.) put in?
You can put in at Demarest Lloyd SP; but you will have to pay to park unless you have a seasonal sticker.

There is a free parking area at Russells Mills landing(open to all). Be aware that you will have to time your trip, the water in the river can get too shallow at low tide. Stay at least an hour or two away from dead low tide and you should be fine.

Even if you park at Demarest Lloyd you should watch the tide because you could have a fairly long carry to get to the channel at low tide at the park.

It is a beautiful place to paddle especially if you do it from Russells Mills. And the water there warms up quickly and stays warm into Oct. Osprey Sea Kayak in Westport runs trips on Slocums & Westport river and can provide more detail and probably suggest times to go tidewise.,-71.002579&spn=0.090057,0.159645&t=h&z=13&om=1

Buzzards Bay
my brother & i put in at russells mills but have used allen’s point as a put-in. that is an area that is challenging because of the weather. i have parked at the bayside restaraunt and drug my feathercraft to the backside of allen’s pond but that is a real chore. you’ll have to choose your paddling days on the slocum according to the prevailing weather, but, russells mills is a good choice if you time the tide and wind.