Sloppy Werner Ferrule

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I just bought a Werner carbon fiber bent shaft Ikelos. The ferrule has some play in it. I have other Werner paddles and they don't feel loose like this. This kind of bugs me. Has anyone else had this issue? Will it cause loss of performance? Can or will they fix it? Is there anything I can do to the paddle myself?

call Werner, if it is new they will fix
I had my Ikelos for a year and started getting wobble. I called them, they gave me an RA number, sent the paddle in, and it came back a couple of weeks later fixed. They almost did too good of a job! If there are even a few grains of sand in the ferrule the paddle is hard to get apart.

This has happened to every Werner
paddle I have owned (4 and counting) over the past 5 years. They fixed or replaced every one of them at no charge. I admit I am a bit tough on paddles but Werner has stood by their product.

Return it and buy a Lendal! I bought
one last year and the ferrule is bomber not to mention the paddle is the most efficient I’ve used.

Call them & they should fix it
I have a Shuna paddle that I love. I had to send it back twice to be fixed at the ferrule, 2 summers in a row. Yes it had the same “play” – I could feel it, and it turned into a crack.

I previously had a Werner Camano (that I left in a launch and “lost”) that did NOT have this problem.

They stood by their product, but you have to call first and get a Return Authorization number. Also you have to pay to ship it to them, and that wasn’t cheap for me from WNY.

I’ll call them and send it back for repair. I’m a little worried that it’ll go from anoying to cracked if I paddle a long, hard day with it. It’s a bummer though. Haven’t even used it yet.

Premium paddle premium price
They will fix or replace it. First talk to the retailer and they should handle it. I’ve had several myself and sold plenty of new ones to customers and never had any come back. Not so with lesser brands.

I’m impatient…
… and would not waste time/$ shipping two ways.

Easy to fix this yourself. Put a thin coat of epoxy on male section (mask shaft at intersection) - and if it is too thick after it cures just sand lightly until the fit is how you want it. Repeat as needed down the road if it loosens up again.

The materials to do this will cost less than shipping one way (unless Werner is crazy generous and pays this too) - and it will be fixed in less time than it takes to pack it to send.

I would return it to the retailer
They deal directly with the Rep. If there is a legitimate problem with this paddle it will be replaced.

I can’t figure out how it ended up on the rack anyway…unless parts were switched unknowingly by a customer with another similar paddle causing two mismatched paddles. Maybe the correct half is still in the store it came out of.

Tampering with it will void any chance of ever getting it fixed even if something else goes wrong with it. We are talking about and almost 400.00 paddle.

lemme guess, odonate, you bought it used

Don’t do an epoxy fix
I don’t think trying to fix this paddle with epoxy is such a good idea (and I’m not shy about fixing stuff myself).

Werner ferrules are made to very exact dimensions by machining the thickenss to the proper diameter – spreading a coat of epoxy (even a thin coat) will not only void the warranty but you’re most likely never to get it to the same fit as original – in fact, you may well make it worse.

My advice – take it back to the retailer and have them deal with it. I work in a paddling retail store (incidentally, we sell more Werner paddles than any other retailer in Canada) and we’d be happy to deal with the warranty on behalf of one of our customers. Werner is very good about warranty repairs and your dealer is well equipped to deal with it. Even if you have to pay for shipping, you’re going to be much happier getting it fixed properly.



Exact dimensions?
Well yes, in a perfect world, but it sounds like this one is past that stage, eh?

Yes, a free fix from the maker is nice - but everyone already suggested that (and none mentioned how long the turnaround time is for something like this).

And if it’s used/out of warranty?

Poster asked for DIY ideas. I just offered a common one. Inside female end is another option, but access makes it a bit more of a job.

If it’s actually wiggly enough, could just try some electrical tape - but it’s probably not that loose.

If you bought it new
the dealer should ship it back for repair or exchange it for another. i wold not try to do an epoxy repair as that woild definitly void the warranty. Then, there are some good one piece paddles.

Loose ferrule
Have not tried this on composite ferrules, but I tighten up antique brass ferrules by coating them with a little varnish. When they become loose again. If too tight after coating, I use bronze wool on them and adjust the fit slightly.


Brand New

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The problem probably wouldn't be solved by adding epoxy to the male end. When I've got both hands on the paddle, while it's put together, the two halves can twist slightly in opposite directions. This must have something to do with the gear-like part that allows for multiple feather angles. It's strange because there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it on the male side.

Overall, I'm glad to hear that it shouldn't be happening. It makes me feel less crazy. I would go DIY if that's what it took, because it would really bother me. I thought I might be a little too picky or something. This is my first really high performance paddle and I've really been looking forward to using it. I'm sure Werner will take care of it for me.

Don’t twist at wrong time
The Werner adjustable-angle joint has a note printed right on it with instructions.

It’s possible somebody (maybe several somebodies) didn’t assemble/disassemble the paddle per the directions.

Yep Shouldn’t Twist…

…when it is fully together. Mine jammed (mud) and I ended up twisting too much. Broke the plastic fitting in the female end, it is pinned in. Sent it in and was repaired and returned in short order.

Definitely don’t epoxy the male end. Ow

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"Broke the plastic fitting in the female end", double ow ow.

You all sure know how to make a guy wince.

If it’s new, they should pay freight, or
…bring it directly back to the retailer and let him deal with it. That’s how it all works out.

I have plenty of Werners that are, I am sure, outside of theri warranty. So, if they wobble excessively, I might consider a total epoxy to make a one piece. Always an option–may not be ideal–but it is a salvage.

OK - I was thinking older Werner…
… not the new-fangled adjustables.