Slow/Fast SOT

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Okay, I made a mistake with boat selection last year for summer fishing. I got a Prowler 13 and it is a great fishing boat but a dog to paddle for any distance. I'm spoiled by my other boats (see profile.) So now I'm thinking surf ski, and if needed for fishing stability I'll add (don't wince) pontoons. So what is the most stable surf ski or equivilent? I'm 178 lbs and a pretty good paddler. The boat would be used on flat water lakes. I fished from a Cobra Elininator two years ago with no problems but sold it because of the lousy rudder and scupper design.

New Boats

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There are several new SOTs coming on the market in the near future. Some will be the tried and tested wide SOTs but there are some higher performance boats rumoured. Epic has their 12'8" GP Sport SOT and is expected to bring out a longer version. The GP will cruise at 4.5 mph but does not like to go over 5 mph without a lot of effort. I hit 6.2 for a couple of seconds. That is fantastic for a boat under 13' and it only weighs 32 lbs. Mine was a blem and came in at 30 lbs. Cost $995 plus shipping in a box. I have it rigged pretty well now but it was pretty bare. There is a small company that is working on a performance fishing SOT and may be announcing around June. The CD Kestrel SOT is supposed to be fairly quick but is not set up for fishing. Huricane is bringing out a 16' SOT probably patterned after the Tarpon 160i and is improving their 14' SOT for fishing. Check out the Futura line. I believe they have a sport model that could work.


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over at the Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club's website, and at TopKayaker.Net

The FLYC has, in particular, plumbed the depths of a variety of sit-on-tops, from those like my more specialized Knysna Isthmus (21" X 17', plumb bow & stern) to those like the Kaskazis, more attuned to fast cruising and used as fishing boats.


in particular:;act=SF;f=8

And for reviews and pics of a lot of these, check out thr following links:

Tom Hotley's SitOnTop Kayaking website is frequented by a number of us P-Netters (moi, Cuda, Greyak, Foghorn, Chpatton, Santacruisemidwife, etc.), and also offers some good discussions on such boats: discussion boards:

Look around the various threads in the "Choosing a Kayak" board in particular for these discussions.

Hope it offers you some good insight & advice about getting a good, faster, SOT to fish and


-Frank in Miami

I will assume that you have visited the Texas Kayak Fisherman website. IMHO this is one of the top and most active kayak fishing forums around. Especially interesting is the photo section seeing all of the different SOT’s tricked out for fishing.

I personally own and am extremely happy with my Tarpon 160, Although the T-160 was primarily designed for coastal fishing, mine has primarily been used for exercise, “chillin out”, and photography. It will get you where you want to go very quickly and comfortably.

My Wildy/Hobie dealer (who happens to be the best dealer in the USA) is having a great sales success with the new Hobie Adventure. IMHO, this unique new yak is designed around the success of the Tarpon but has gone several steps farther in development. It is equipped with the Hobie pedal drive and is also designed with a ready made slot to accept a dagger board styled leeboard and a sail. This puppy will actually allow you to sail into the wind.

This might be something that you want to test.