Slow Leak

Have some ideas but looking for any suggestions to stop, correct, a slow leak I have in the base of a rudder box glassed inside the hull. The third pic. in the center is the carbon tube that is glassed in the hull. Water must seap under the brace pieces where the carbon tube touches the hull. Pics. will help showing the problem area. Was thinking of making a low dam around the support and making a thin epoxy pour. Thanks for any help. Phil

Coming in over the top ?

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That's my guess. Is the tube top close to waterline level? Slurry of West + balloons will work to seal glass work.

Fill with water 1/2 way up tube and see what comes out.... might try grasping the blade and load it up a bit to simulate in use flow over it. Might expose the leak you cannot find.

Then add water to top of tube just for the heck of it. Might need a longer tube , O rings set up or ......... I have done this with success: Lightly coat shaft w/ oil, pack tube w/ silicone, put blade back in + repack / clean up silicone then assemble as normal..... place blade in neutral and do not move it until silicone is cured.

Looks pretty cool Phil.

Carbon tube leaks
Patrick, The top of the tube is above the waterline. Had the boat sitting on horses and put a hose in and soon as I started to flood the area, drops started dripping off the rudder blade so the leak is at the base of the tube near the inside of the hull.


Similar leak on my ski
mine was where the tube connected to the hull. Foundi it be inflating the ski (slightly) - and poured water at likely points. Filled up the tube and it bubbled big time.

I tried penetrating epoxy. It seeped into teh separation as advertised - but layered too thin. Patiently keep applied a little at a time, but wouldn’t build up.

Ended up taking some and - going in from the vent hole aft of the rudder - dripping it down a stick to the base of the tube and forming a very small puddle around the tube.

Tight as a drum now.

Building a dam
Greyak, Thanks for your comments. I saw a plumber use moldable epoxy last week and am going to make a dam 1/4" - 3/8" high around the rudder ‘trunk’. After it has cured, am going to pour some epoxy between the dam and the ‘trunk’. Should be simple and work.

Must be nice…
to have access to the inside of the hull like that!!! L