Slow roll

what a great post

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And a great blog entry.

The author is right, in my opinion. I'm never surprised anymore to be in a rolling session and see someone learning a roll, with this wide-eyed look of fear. And it almost always inhibits them.

Personally I think more time should be spent getting people comfortable underwater and on the setup, moving toward a roll in smaller increments. Sometimes it seems like an effort to get someone a roll before fear sets in, and this seems backward. I'd like to see students held at one step - comfort, setup, etc., before moving on to the next.


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good thing about rolling slow, is that it takes boat momentum out of the picture.

if your roll is dependant on the momentum of the will surely fail when you really need it.

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I’ve spent some time practicing rolls with the skirt off, but I have not tried it with the skirt on as described here, and I have not tried it in a boat with no bulkheads/floatation. This seems like something to try in a pool until you know for sure that the boat isn’t going to go to the bottom.