Small battery for trolling motor....

(Skip this if you scoff at trolling motors or Wavewalks)

I finally decided to see if I could use a lighter battery on a paddlecraft. Maybe once or twice a year I’ve rigged an electric motor on a canoe just for fun, but hauling a typical class 24 or 27 battery to and from the canoe is a chore-the bloody things weigh a ton. So I bought a small battery, as used in wheelchairs, mowers, etc. mounted it on my Wavewalk.

Worked great for the 1 1/2 hours I was out, and probably would have gone hours more. And it sure was easier to handle.

Looking too
I have the bracket and motor, but haven’t gotton a battery as yet. I’m trying to balance weight with AH’s

What are those stats on your battery?