Small bent-shaft canoe paddle?

Any suggestions on a bent-shaft canoe paddle for a small paddler? My wife’s 5’0", not very powerful, and paddles bow in our tandem. Most of the bent-shaft paddles I’ve seen look like the blades would be too big for her.

Check out ZRE paddles, you get your choice of blade sizes, up to a point. You’ll probably need to buy one for yourself too though, after you feel hers.


Ditto on ZRE.

options in wood
might be the Whiskey Jill by Whiskey Jack or the Microlight by FoxWorx.


Smaller blade bent shaft paddle.
Jerry at Canoe Colorado has a Sawer Cedar Bent shaft with a smaller blade that is 7-3/4" X 17" He has 50" and longer in stock.his PH # is 303-344-2813 or

My wife is the same size and has always liked her ZRE. You can get them with a fairly small blade. I’d recommend buying from the ZRE website so you can get exactly the size blade you want.