Small cracks and flaking in the gelcoat

Any recommendations on where to get a small tube of gel-coat repair goo? I don’t need a quart sized can. Plus any tips on the application and finishing process. Thanks in advance.

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Might want to show pics. For thin cracks some folks use Captain Tolley’s…and manufacturers often say “do nothing”. Just FYI clear Gorilla tape over a boo-boo will keep it waterproof forever too

I’m not sure of best place to buy gelcoat. I’d try a local marina. I think Hemlock Canoe or Northstar may sell it but not sure it can be shipped.

I’m no expert but I just cleaned up the damaged area to remove any loose gelcoat then mixed a little and applied it and covered with Glad wrap held in place with tape. Better to use too little and do it 2-3 times than too much. The finish may be good enough with just the Glad wrap or you can sand and polish to make it as shiny as you like.

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is that your go-to sorta like peel-ply?

Northstar makes a kit that has 1/4 pint gel coat, sandpaper, masking material, instructions, etc. for $45.

West Marine sells it also. Unfortunately it isn’t sold in really small quantities, but you can mix a bit at a time and it lasts quite a while.

Be aware that even if you have a white hull, white gelcoat is likely a more brilliant white than your boat. Color matching is an art.

Then again, it’s a boat, not a fine piece of furniture or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.