Small dayhatch on WS Tsunami??????

I have a WS Tsunami 140 which I love, but it has a small day hatch cover just behind the cockpit that is useless. It would be great to store keys, snacks, etc in except that it opens into the whole rear area behind the bulkhead…the same area accessed by the larger hatch! Has anyone found a way to make this small hatch usable?

What is Wilderness Systems thinking…or NOT thinking???

You can always
use a small drybag and run some paracord up and out of the hatch to make it easy to retrieve. Or you could rig up a shallow netting that would hold small items up off the bottom.

I dunno what they were thinking.


check with

they have a bulkhead kit for this issue.

what were they thinking???


they were thinking
"three black hatches looks like a sea kayak",just like the various rec. boats with an aft hatch,and no bulkhead.

The 145 has another bulkhead…
It’s strange to me that when you step up to the 145, they added a bulkhead to separate off the day hatch.

All the models from the 145 and up (like my 165) have the additional bulkhead. I guess that extra 6" makes a lot of difference somehow.

the 145 does not come stock with a day hatch B/H. the 160-165-175 do


One thing it’s good for:
A buddy of mine has the Tsunami 145, and the dayhatch access to the same compartment as the rear hatch makes a dandy place to run a cable through when locking the boat at the put-in or take-out during shuttles!

Being my usual cynical self, I seriously doubt that many buyers of these boats NEED a separate compartment for the day hatch. In the 5 or 6 years I’ve been seriously paddling and rowing in a region that has thousands of kayakers, I have seen exactly ONE person on the water in a kayak on a windy day when the waves kick up. Maybe the builder figures that a small, off-center hatch provides easy access to the rear compartment while floating on calm water, and that’s all that’s needed for most people. Or maybe they weren’t thinking. Who’s to say?

Hey everybody…Thanks for the input…I will check out …have a great weekend!