Small dogs make great gator bait

Gator attacks Florida kayak angler. Found this on Kayak Angler Magazine.<br />

Amazing that he did it again
Once wasn’t enough! The news crew had him back in the same lake with the same dog after dark! I’ve never had any trouble with gators, but I grew up knowing not to bring a dog in the canoe.

Whenever I paddle down in NC
I now carry a stainless steel Colt .45 in the kayak to deal with the gators. I started doing it after being followed by a 14’ Alligator while fishing in the New River near Snead’s Ferry. I didn’t have a small dog in the boat but apparently he thought I looked edible.

I know it is illegal to carry a pistol in the boat, and I know it is illegal to shoot gators but I would rather deal with a judge than a toothy prehistoric reptile that wants to eat me for dinner.

Had a gator following me…
I had a 12-foot gator following me when I was fishing a rather large lake in a rented paddleboat. Every fish I caught got the gator more and more interested and closer to the boat. Eventually, I gave up, and went back to shore, where the park ranger refunded my rental for the boat (didn’t ask) and he immediately reported the nuisance gator to the proper wildlife people. Not too far from where I was fishing was a huge swimming dock/beach with about 100 summer camp kids in the water.

Usually here in Florida gators only become a problem when they 're too used to being around people. I’ve never had a problem with gators truly “in the wild”.

A pistol in a boat is illegal?
When did that happen? Where I grew up a revolver was in most canoe tackle boxes.

Illegal for him
TrevorN lives in Virginia.

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kill em all
what is it with people and alligators? why are there any left? i hate to sound cold but what are they good for? name one thing. they are good for…killing. that is all they do. they’re good for boots also. oh wait, they are good for eliminating stupid people who boat unfamiliar waters with no life vest and a goofy little dog in his lap. i understand gun laws and safety and one would have done him no good in that more than like it was over so quick, but what if he’d came right back. ok what do we do use the gun if it comes back and all else fails? or hope part of us floats so they can find it easy and take in for id? if i am endangered by one and he approaches me and a paddle or frog gig doesn’t run him off then i show him man has developed some in time, we make guns now, howabout you? when police arrest me and take my gun instead of pick up pieces and hope one doesn’t snatch them they can explain it all to me.

i have a .22 revolver i carry in my canoe with me when i’m on waters that feature these good for nothing but kill monsters. i also know the wrong of it and also have a kayak paddle and 7 ft. frog gig i would use first to deter the thing and if he still insisted, bam! arrest me and i’ll ask as they cuff me i guess you’d rather put me in a body bag huh?