Small hole in my Drysuit gasket

I have a small horse-shoe shaped tear on the upper part of my drysuit wrist gasket. The is not a split or blowout near the wrist, but rather a puncture about half the size of a dime. It is covered by my neoprene gloves when I wear them. Is there any way to repair the gasket or do I have to replace it? The rest of the gasket is in great shape, but I must have snagged it on something.

patching it with Aquaseal on both sides. It may prevent the hole from enlarging when stretched.


Seam Grip
Try Mcnetts ‘Seam Grip’. It is a multi-use sealer commonly used to seal tent seams but works extremely well on the likes of dry bags, gaskets, etc. Good camping stores stock the stuff. Flexable and long lasting.

A bicycle tire patch worked for me.
This summer I accidently cut a slice through my drytop neck gasket with a broken (and sharp!) fingernail. We used a thin tire patch cut to size on both the inner and outer sides of the gasket, and so far it has held up perfectly. I used a thinner patch as it had more stretch than the thicker kinds, and the gasket area around the patch has not gotten stretched or thinned out at all.

duct tape
i had a piece of duct tape on a tiny hole in a leg gasket for over 1 year. never had the slightest problem. was still on there when i sent the suit in to have kokotat add booties to it.


bicycle tire patch …
best option = bicycle tire patch . second best = duct tape. other options don’t work … tried 'em all.

a rubber patch will get you through the season. Than replace the gasket.


Muchos Gracias!
I’ll try the tire patch this weekend! Thanks!