Small kayak, big dude. Buying advice wan

I might be thinning that I would like a very small kayak for some ver small streams around here. I had a 12 foot canoe I tried out on one and it was, quite frankly, TOO long to make some of the turns and switch-backs comfortably, so I’m looking at something ten-foot-ish.

The kicker is I weigh over two hundred and twenty pounds!

I was thinking SOT, like a OK Big Yak but am open to ANY suggestions.

Big Guy Boats
I am also a big guy – over my kayaking years my weight has ranged from 200 up to 290.

Lots of short and wide rec SINKs can handle a lot of weight and have big cockpits.

In my experience having a big belly is rarely an issue with SINKs, unless looking at a super small cockpit. What kills us larger frame guys is the width of the cockpits and the deck height if you have big thighs.

Short of looking at white water kayaks, you might want to check out the following:

Dagger Axis 10.5

Dagger Approach 10

LiquidLogic Remix XP10

Wilderness Systems Pungo (everyone fits in these boats)

I have an Axis 12 and very happy with it for exploring small narrow creeks. Seat is still comfortable after a long day paddle. Cockpit is large but not super large, easy to get into for a big guy and still gives you good contact with the boat. I added the optional thigh pads for a bit better control.

I have to throw my recommendation in for the Wilderness Systems Pungo. I started on that boat when I was bigger and wound up in a more slender touring boat as I became a bit smaller (not that it needs to be the goal). The pungo is a great boat with a great compromise of speed, stability, utility and comfort.

I like the SOT option
One of the reasons I like the SOT’s is that it is very easy to pop out drag it over the log or sand bar and re-enter. I think they are a great option for rivers. Jackson makes a Rivera that is cheap and very easy to turn at 11 feet with a lot more rocker than a canoe.

There are lots of other good choices in sit on tops but only a few short sit in side kayaks for heavy people. Most of them are listed in the posts above.

What touring kayak did you get?
I have been looking at longer touring kayak a while for when I hit the larger lakes around here or if I want to do a trip out on the ocean but haven’t been able to find one that is a good fit. Not sure I will because, like I said above, my hips and thighs are what kill me and that is not where I carry my fat.

9.5 foot
perception swifty. Paddled one when I was over 240.

It’s a rec boat but if your talking very small streams, you can’t get much shorter.

+1 on the xp10

On the other hand, I do agree that it’s easy to jump out of an SOT if that’s the kind of situation you expect – also works if warmer air and water temps are the norm for your paddling. Personally I prefer sit inside with skirt – but where I paddle it is genrally cold and I rarely needing to jump out (logs/shallows).

LiquidLogic Coupe
might be your answer… 10’ and can handle your weight, highly maneuverable in rivers and creeks but with a skeg for the flats, whitewater capable up to Class III+, essentially a SOT adaptation of the XP10.