Small, Light, Semi-Fast SOT???

Summers coming and I’m thinking about looking for an SOT for lake, Largemouth Bass fishing. I had a Hobie Pursuit a few years ago. It plowed at crusing speed and was very unstable. I had a Cobra Explorer two years ago. It made a great fishing boat but was a barge. I’m currently paddling and fishing from a Prijon Eski and a Dagger Callisto, both of which are fast, light boats. I’d like to find something under 13’ and 50 lbs. that is fairly fast and stable. Anyone paddling that boat?

Epic SOT?
Looks like it should fit your requirements, but no personal experience to report.

In carbon it’s under 30lbs…

You get what you pay for…

How About 13’4" and 49#

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I have a Ocean Kayak Mars that is 13'4" and really does weigh about 49#

It has a flat bottom and does not track real well. I certainly would not call it fast, by any means, but it is one of few plastic SOT's that would meet your specs.

I have a Brit boat, and a couple of high end composite SOT's, but the Mars get more use than the others combined.

Epic SOT
I paddled the Epic at the San Diego sympoium and it is quick for its size. It has a very plumb bow and stern and paddles more like a 15’ boat. The hull was impressive but the deck was not. It had a very shallow well behind the seat and no hatches or attachments. It ran about $1500 and needs a lot of work to set it up. The well needs to be a lot deeper and it needs some sort of hull access along with attaching points for thigh braces and backband.

You might check out Hurricane Aqua Sports. I think they came out with a new SOT but I have not seen it yet.

Short, Fast, Stable, Light, Cheap ?
all in one boat?

For the short, fast and light crowd check out Hunt Johnson’s longer SOT … if you want a Porshe not a Yugo

Stable for some, probably not for fishing

Malibu Kayaks
3.4 or 4.4?

Never paddled one, but they look less bargelike than most plastic SOTs.

my friend likes her necky spike, 12’6"
and 48 lbs i think. she uses it for fishing. i dont know if the boat is fast but she is : )

tarpon 120
I love mine. Not sure about the under 50 lb part… It comes in an angler version, but of course that adds $s. It’s a great fishing platform even without the angler set up.

hurricane Aquasports…
has a new SOT coming out in the spring. Thermo molded even!!

Used Phoenix
There is a Hurricane AS Phoenix in the classifieds. Asking $600.

Futura Sport 15.
I have a Futura Sport 15 in the carbon/kevlar. It is fast and stable. I think Vince at Futura uses one for fishing. When I was looking to purchase one he sent pictures with him fishing.