Small, light weight, and cheap? portage

I’m wanting to pick up something small so I can portage easily around my hometown in some small creeks that branch off of the Illinois River.

My current canoe is a Mohawk Intrepid 17’. So it is definately not light and tiny.

I was thinking about going to a small kayak, but really would prefer a 10-14’ canoe as that is where all my experience is at. Any suggestions?

I want something that would be good enough to take on regular rivers so my Wife could solo while I take all the gear and our son.



Wenonnah Vagabond…
…is 14’ about 38 in Royalex, mid-20’s in kevlar. I’ve owned both, and loved 'em. Or the WNN Sandpiper, although I found mine tippy. You may well be a better paddler than I, and carrying a stabilizing load.

What size are you?
The Sandpiper out of royalex might be good if you are not too big.

I am 5’9" and 163 and like it.

If you are much bigger or will be carrying a bunch of gear it might be too small.



Vagabond or Pack
I have a Wenonah Vagabond in royalex (42#s) and an Old Town Pack in royalex (33#s). The Vagabond is longer (14-6) and narrower (29"). The Pack is shorter (12) and wider (33" approx). The Pack has more initial stability and is easier to carry due to weight and lenght. It does not track as well and is more effected by wind due to its higher profile. The Vagabond tracks and glides better and is less effected by wind but it weighs 9 pounds more and does not carry as easily since it is longer. The Pack is cheaper also. The Pack sells new for around $675 and the Vagabond Royalex around $900. Hope this helps.

Light and cheap
The Mohawk Solo 14 in Royalite is light-weight and cheap. It’s a highly maneuverable canoe with rock solid secondary stability – many Freestylers use either the 13 or 14 foot versions – depending on their body size. The Mohawk Solos have seats that can be sat on or kneeled against with your feet under the seat for greater stability. These are not uncomfortable “Wee Lasie” type canoes that must be sat in like a kayak (butt almost at floor level/feet out front). The Mo-Solos can be propelled with a double or with a single blade for improved control. Deal with Mohawk and you’ll probably have your canoe in hand within a week. Can’t beat Mohawk for fast friendly service.

6’4" 200#
Thanks for all the info everyone. I will keep my eyes open for these canoes. I’d like to be able to find one used as I’m currently low on funds.

Speaking of used canoes, anyone know a good website?


Critter, Sundance, Otter…
Paddle easy,


Get a Wenonah Vagabond!
You will not regret it at all. Also, check out the new Argosy that Wenonah has. I got a chance to try one the other day and it is fantastic for river touring.

I’m in central Illinois. If you think it is not to far to come for a used canoe, send me an email ( and let’s talk. I regularly get to the Sedalia Missouri area and also to Salem Missouri. Could possibly arrange a meet. I was thinking about selling the Pack in the spring but might sell earlier.