Small non-slip kayak shoe recommendations


I am looking for recommendations for light kayak shoes with excellent non-slip traction.
I live on Lake Como in Italy, and kayak year-round.
Where I launch my kayak has very slippery mossy rocks.

And I have big feet (US 12, UK 11, EU 46) that need to fit into my Dagger Stratus 14.5L.
After a lot of research, I bought the Crocs Swiftwater Mesh.
They are exrremely comfortable to wear, but don’t fit well in my kayak.
I haven’t tried the traction in the lake, but will soon.

Thanks in advance

I would suggest Astral Brewers. They are nice a ‘sticky’. I have been using them for about ten years.


I have Saloman water shoes . Very light weight with a reported very grippy sole. I say reported because I have few occasions to walk on wet rocks. Sorry I don’t know the model.

Astral makes great shoes, fast drying and sticky soles. Unsure if they ship to Italy. I believe they are available in the U.K.

No experience with Salomons but I looked at them earlier. I doubt they will work if your feet are squeezed for room under the deck like mine, due to their big rear bumper.

I’ve had good luck with Body Glove water shoes where foot room is a concern. They have multiple styles with laces and without, with separate toes (barefoot style) and open toe boxes. They don’t have any thermal properties but I’ve found they have good traction and are comfortable.

Some advise felt soles for handling stuff like seaweed. Can’t vouch for how long they last myself though.

Good points on the Body Glove shoes. A better term is slippers. They are cheap and have good soles but are only good for one season.

I like my ASTRAL Brewers. Wife even says was he look small and can’t believe my feet fit in them.

I also like Astral: I have both Brewers and Loyaks and the Loyaks are lighter, thinner, and more flexible with a very good non-stick sole.